MOTIVATION: Being part of a group can really help light a fire under you and boost your workout to the next level! With a friendly fitness trainer to lead you on your journey there is no stopping. Group fitness gets you involved and keeps you motivated.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Group classes push you out of your comfort zone by encouraging you to do things you would not ordinarily do. You feel a sense of commitment to your instructor and faces you’ve become accustomed to seeing week after week in class. It becomes a group effort instead of just yourself; where we go one we go all!

SUCCESS: Success comes from the inside. When you feel good by what you are doing you will succeed. The accomplishment of completion motivates you more.



Fitmixx is more than a place to workout — it’s a community of supportive people encouraging each other to get and stay fit and take care of their minds, bodies and spirits. Started as a series of fitness classes by trainer Shannon Palagiano, Fitmixx has become a lifestyle for people who want to enjoy exercise, share their successes and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. Fitmixx women bring their strengths as moms, friends and professionals to the studio, encouraging each other to fulfill their potential, in some cases achieving goals they never thought possible.